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Bridge to New Opportunities


All Harmony Development Center service staff are Masters level clinicians supervised by licensed staff in consultation with a Certified Addiction Professional (CAP).

This program provides behavioral health counseling and life coaching services to youth with mental health and/or substance abuse problems who are at risk of initial or subsequent involvement with the Juvenile Justice system. The program connects the individual and family with necessary community resources.

Age Requirement - ages 9 to 17 years old that have any of the following factors:

  • Mental, behavioral, or emotional health disorders.

  • Substance use issues

  • Current or past traumatic stress

  • Dual diagnosis - both substance use and mental health issues

Services Provided:

  • Screening and intake

  • Comprehensive psychosocial and assessments

  • Individual, family and group sessions

  • Wrap around services

  • Random drug testing

  • Behavioral Therapy

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Crisis Intervention Strategies

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