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  • Harmony Development Center, Inc. began implementing its Afterschool and Summer programs in partnership with James S. Rickards Middle School in 2012 to address school behavior and performance, mental health, substance abuse and delinquent behaviors. Securing funding of more than $3M during that time, Harmony has positively impacted more than 800 James S. Rickards Middle students. Through this program, students are exposed to drama, music, dance, mathematics and construction skills. Harmony Development Center’s Afterschool and Summer programs have shown excellent results consistently helping students who are at high risk of dropping out of school. Ninety-eight percent of Rickard’s Harmony students have improved grades and school attendance.

  • 2005: Recognized by the Children’s Services Council as one of the “Successful Emerging Organizations” at the Child Welfare League of America, Juvenile Justice National Symposium 2005 (Better Outcomes for At-Promise Youth: Innovative Funding Solutions through Collaborative Partnership)


  • Recognized as well by the State Attorney’s Office and the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit Public Defender’s Office for referrals of cases to juvenile programs as an alternative to judicial sanctions (diversion program)


  • HDC received a three year funding award from the Children’s Services Council, Children Services Board, and Department of Juvenile Justice

The Community Involvement Awards ceremony recognizes and celebrates BCPS outstanding volunteers, mentors, family engagement initiatives and partnerships.

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